Monday, June 20, 2011

Why Couples Should Never Be Friends On Social Networks

Finding that special somebody is hella hard to find, and when u do u want to do everything in ur power to keep the romance alive. I personally feel that any couple that are friends on social networks are setting their relationship up for failure. Nothing wrong if u met that person on that particular social network , but stayin friends on there is a triple threat no no. Reason y u shouldn’t  is because someone is gonna have that erge to look at their partners page and find something they shouldn’t see or get the wrong idea. For example me and my bf have been together for about a couples months, but we been knowing each other since high school and he was my high school crush, and I was bored one afternoon and I decided to look on his Facebook page and I saw a post that he had made it was about me. I thought it was the most sweetest post I have ever read in my life. So I saw that he had 6 comments on there and wanted to read them. Soon as I read it I saw that a young lady had left a comment that I didn’t agree with . After I read it I automatically started thinkin he was cheating on me with her. So this morning I approach him about it and I told him that didn’t mind females on his page, I just didn’t like what she had put. He understood and took it down. Now some couples don’t always work out the same, but please young lovers out there please please please don’t be friends with ur partner on social networks…. ttyl  PEACE&&STARS

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